St. John #5 Baptist (Faith) Church
  Camp ACE (Alert Community Empowerment)
  3613 Hamburg St., NOLA 70122
  (504) 288-3272 (ph)    (504) 267-0195 (fax)   

Bruce A. Davenport, Sr., Pastor/Executive Director
(504) 228-3479 (c)

Gerald Joseph, Sr., Head Deacon
(504) 250-4666 (c)


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The mission of St John #5 Baptist Church Camp ACE is to increase the broaden the perspective of economically disadvantaged children, youth and adults who reside in the  Metro New Orleans Region, and surrounding areas by way of providing an array of educational, social and cultural services.


St. John #5 Baptist Church social ministry was created in 1989, later named Camp Alert Community Empowerment (ACE) in 1996.  This program grew from the churchís children and youth group.  The program was established out of a growing need to provide activities with a more positive meaning for the countless number of youths whose environment was being marred with much negativity.  The primary area of concern was for children and youth of the Metro New Orleans Region and its immediate community.  From implementing its first program, through a summer camp, in 1989 to present St. John has increased its programs by seven.  The following is a synopsis of the organizationís programs.

 Scope of Program

Academic Enhancement: remediation in reading/language arts, math G.E.D. Prep and computer literacy.  Inclusive of in three services are tutoring in LEAP 21 exit exam, (GEE) and ACT.

Counseling:  individual, group and family counseling in the areas of grief, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy prevention, health/nutrition, substance abuse (prevention/intervention), and life skills. 

Cultural/Social:  field trips, camping, competitive sports, and behavior modification program ďLearning for LifeĒ.

 Computer Technology Center:  contains a number of Compaq computers operating with Microsoft XP OS and the complete MS Office small business programs, computers are currently internet ready and e-mail assessable.  All computers contain learning program to enhance each studentís ability to attain information, train in arithmetic skills, and study literature. 

 Substance Abuse Center:  housing, group/individual treatments/prevention, group/individual counseling, and drug testing.

 HIV/AIDS Center:  street and community outreach, condom distribution, testing, venue based outreach, HIV/AIDS presentations/education, and referrals.

 Consultation/Grant-writing:  assists faith/community-based organizations with capacity building, board training, and proposal development and grant-writing. 


The specific aim of St. John #5 Camp (A.C.E.) is to improve the educational, social, health, and economic levels of low income adults, children, and youths.  St. Johnís programs provides counseling, academic enhancement, health, and social/cultural outlets as well as other services.  These services are designed to effect alternation in the arena of low educational attainment, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, and other ills.


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